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Always thinking about the health and economy of our customers

Always thinking about the health and economy of our customers, at ROMA More than a Pharmacy we have formed alliances with prestigious companies and institutions to offer even more benefits for our customers.

Today we put at your disposal loyalty programs, such as PFIZER CONMIGO (PFIZER WITH ME), AZercate de ASTRAZENACA (Get Clozer with ASTRAZENACA), Sanofi, etc., to mention only a few.

  • Pfizer Benefit Card!

    Pfizer Pharmaceutical created the value Program “Pfizer Conmigo” designed to help your budget with respect to medications prescribed by your doctor.

    The patient begins to accumulate purchases and must return to ROMA More than a Pharmacy to comply with the procedure and obtain the benefits.

    In order to enjoy the benefits, the patient must activate the Card by dialing 01 800 200 0096 or going to

  • Infonacot card

    Use your Infonacot credit to pay for all you need! Take advantage of it!

  • Inapam card

    At ROMA More than a Pharmacy we want to pamper seniors, which is why we offer them special discounts, such as a 5 percent additional discount in generic medication and incontinence products*, as well as an additional 2 percent discount in brand-name medication.

    *some restrictions apply